With the help of :

Thomas BAAG for the German translation.
Barbara BROUWER to the Dutch translation.
Wolfgang DITTLINGER for the German translation.
Diane FRETTER for translating English.
Marco PINCIROLI for his help in correcting the Italian language referral email.
Claudio PATTO for Portuguese translation.
José Manuel GARCIA VEIGA for the Spanish translation.
Lu JACKSON for the translation of the form and mail forwarding in Chinese Traditional.
Dirk KAISER for his help in correcting the German language referral email.
Ahmed TELMANI for his help in the Arabic translation.
Hedi BALMA for his help in the translation and correction in Arabic.
Malliou ELENI for his help in the translation and correction in Greek.

Thank you, Thanks, Danke, Grazie Gracias, Obrigado, Bedankt, 謝謝, شكرا.

I found on the internet the names of constellations for different languages. I translated the rest as I could, using several online translators. Many translations were made through the google language tool. As everyone knows, the translations are imperfect and require many corrections. ">You can help me correct translation ...

I hope that others will join us to add or correct translations.

However : The programming language chosen is limited by the number of characters. If a person wanted to help the community by providing a translation or correction, it is imperative to work with a standard font 256 characters. Unicode fonts are not usable in this programming language. I got on the web a number of True Type fonts usable. I can provide them with the texts to be translated into French, English and German.

Contact me by clicking on the animated bottom right guy.
It is necessary to perfectly master the language used in the translated language for the good of the community.

I release any liability in translations made by third parties.